• Self-contained
  • Self-raising
  • Reduced moving cost and time
  • Spotted with bed truck eliminates the need for a picker
  • Improved safety by reducing risks associated with lifting and spotting heavy equipment on a raised platform
  • Equipment is permanently mounted including junk basket for hoses and fittings
  • No matting required
  • Permanent piping eliminates the need for climbing under the stand and working overhead
  • Stairs provide safe access to working platform


Single Hydraulic Stand
Transport Height 11′ (3.35 m)
Transport Width 10′ 11″ (3.33 m)
Transport Length 33′ (10.06 m)
Weight with Equipment 38,000 lbs.

Note: Legal Size Load on Oilfield Highboy and/or Lowboy.


Stand loaded on truck bed. Stand partially setup. Stand partially setup (close up).