SS2000 Centrifuge


  • Hydraulic stand eliminates the need for a picker or crane during installation
  • Folding stairs provide safe access to the working platform
  • Touch screen controls allow for quick adjustments
  • Programmed to throttle the pump to avoid plugging as conditions change


Feed Capacity 1.5m3 water (1500 litres)2m3 unweighted mud (2000 litres)
Main Drive 125 HP
Back Drive 30 HP
Pump 30 HP
Power Requirements (2) x 100 AMP Breakers 480Volt 3 Phase
Bowl Stainless Steel54 cm diameter x 183 cm length(21 inch diameter x 72 inch length)
Max G Force 2500 G (at 3,000 RPM)

The Model SS2000 High Volume Centrifuge is manufactured in Canada by United Centrifuge.


IMG_00000161 IMG_00000108